Meal Delivery & Collective Catering Coming Soon from Our Chefs

Our Mission

is two fold:

  1. To bring under-represented cuisine(s) to the table by supporting diverse chefs so they can thrive in an ever-changing food industry
  2. To fill gaps in a problematic food system so that Global Food Made Locally can be accessible and sustainable.

We work with farmers, chefs, organizational partners, and all of you to make this vision possible.

2022 is an exciting year for Food Bridge and the communities it serves.

Subscription delivery starts in May.

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About Our Meals

Our meals are cooked by a collective of curated chefs that passionately cook heritage cuisines. Peruvian, Burmese, Ghanian, Regional Mexican, and Thai, just to name a few. They are all committed to cooking recipes from-scratch, with all natural ingredients, meaning no pre-made sauces, no MSG, no preservatives, no canola oil and no white sugar. Sometimes “healthy” gets misinterpreted as bland or boring. Our meals are the multicultural antithesis to steamed broccoli and white meat chicken. Chefs will rotate cooking each week so you will never get bored of the same old American menu or turned off by Hello Freshs’ interpretation of ethnic cuisine.

Our meals will consist of 3 components: a Meat, a Veggie or Veggie Medley and some kind of Starch (Whole Grains/ Rice/ Corn/ Root Veggie). Sometimes in the form of a “one-pot-meal” or 2–3 separate dishes that pair well together. Either way meals will always be delivered fresh, and ready to easily heat up and serve. Subscriptions will be flexible, allowing you to choose a custom amount of meals for your family size and dietary preferences, pause at any time (like if you are going on vacation), and add meals at any time (like if you are having guests for the week). Food Bridge will be bridging the communication gap between local producers (rancher and farmers) and local chefs so that local ingredients can be incorporated whenever possible.

About Our Catering

Looking to cater an event and support local but can’t find much variety? Food Bridge is designed to be a one-stop shop for all your catering needs. If it is a small-scale event, you will find several great chefs that offer catering services and can work with you directly. If it is a large event (over 100 people) and you want people to experience a kind of food festival, you can choose our Collective Catering option, where 2–4 chefs will create a part of the plate and guests can enjoy an international feast. Perfect for weddings, festivals, and other large-scale events. Food Bridge ensures great customer service and can be your single point of contact for smooth operations.

How We Got Here

In an ever-changing food industry, chefs need to be able to adapt their businesses. The pandemic brought many challenges to food businesses, especially small-scale ones, but it has also brought opportunity. Restaurants struggled, catering decreased, and yet there was a huge increase in delivery models and especially pre-made meal delivery.

Food Bridge paused its catering incubator in 2020 and refocused its efforts on emergency food relief. Chefs made prepared meals that were added to over 400 food boxes a week for communities in need. During this time, founder Marin Toscano started to think about how we could redesign our program to incorporate prepared meals. More than ever people need healthy food to support a healthy lifestyle, with less stress, and more enjoyment.

Where We’re Going

Now we are just months away from launching our subscription-based meal delivery services. We have a talented collective of chefs that are excited to bring Global Food Made Locally to your dinner tables. Many of these chefs are still offering traditional catering and other private chef work. You will be able to see their individual stories and services on our Chef Profile pages.

We believe in mutually beneficial relationships and abundance when passion and skill is shared. Food Bridge is here to support the chefs in doing what they love most: cooking. We handle the logistics, tech background, marketing, and more to support a meal delivery service and they get to cook their food in a form that is convenient and accessible to households like yours. You get to give us your support instead of to the corporate competitors and in turn support local chefs and farmers.

stay tuned.